DIY baby hot cocoa mug photoshoot

We had so much fun putting together this photoshoot for Luke when he was a baby. It was very easy! It doesn’t take much prep work, many of the items you might already have at home.

Items you’ll need:

  1. Get a large planter. We opted for a pot that was about 24″. Here is a similar one. We bought some white spray paint for plastic since it was hard to find a large white planter. We plugged the holes on the bottom with duct tape.
  2. We warmed water so the baby would be cozy. Then we added pure cocoa powder to color the water. To help the cocoa powder dissolve, we mixed it in a small cup of really warm water then added that to the bigger pot of water. We did not use hot cocoa mix because it would be sticky. To get a touch of creamy color, we added just a dash of unsweetened plant milk like soy or almond milk. It didn’t take much of either.
  3. In order to get him sitting at the right height, we used rolled up bath towels underneath him.
  4. Drop in the jumbo marshmallows and add the Santa hat on your baby! Our hat was a little big for him so we used a safety pin to make it fit better.

He loved sitting in the pot because the water was so cozy. When we were done we removed part of the water with a large stock pot so we didn’t have to carry the whole planter filled with water across our living room.

Happy holidays!

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