About Us


We are Ash, Margaux, and Marti, and Luke – a family of four living in San Diego, CA.  We grew up as a couple exploring the outdoors, fishing, backpacking, hiking, camping, and stand-up paddle surfing.  Now as a family of three, adventuring fuels our spirits and immerses our daughter into a lifestyle that we know will enrich her development.  In 2018, we bought our custom campervan, and we affectionately refer to as “Bruce.”  We love that he has expanded our adventures into #advantures!

Our handle, @SoWeWent, is all about “going”.  Whether we spend an afternoon at the the beach, weekend excursions to local forest areas, or longer road trips to the mountains or beyond, our goal is to make the most of our time together and squeeze every bit of adventure out of life.  So We Went represents the activity that follows every desire to travel and explore and do.  Adventure was calling, so we went…



Pilot, gear chief, and task master, Ash is the muscle and energy behind all of our endless movement of gear before, during, and after trips.  During any of our adventures, he can be counted on to have just the right piece of gear for the job, and a strong cup of coffee in hand.



Dietitian, trip planner, and fly fishing fanatic, Margaux loves researching all of our trips from locations to meals, making sure there’s never a dull moment or an empty belly.  Out on the road, she is on a never-ending quest to make the perfect van pancake.



Martha, a.k.a. Mart, Marti, Mar, Momo, is the big sister we always wanted – someone who always volunteers to pack the toy bag for the trip or change the dirtiest of diapers but isn’t afraid to steal the toy right out of your hands.  She loves to hike, ride her bike, camp, swim, and play on the rings.  Her favorite food is Acai sorbet. 



Luke, a.k.a. Lukey and Goo, is an ultra-sweetie pie.  He loves to do just about anything that involves big smiles, neck kisses, diaper changes, and peek-a-boo.  Luke is not afraid to admit that he is along for the ride and happy to be here.


IMG_1680 (1)

The family wouldn’t be complete if we failed to mention Bruce!  He’s our adventure mobile who is with us every step of the way.  To learn more about Bruce and what he’s made of, check out our van build page.

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