Van Build Overview


It was a long journey to our fun-filled adventures in Bruce.  We took our van build seriously and spent nearly two years planning, researching, and collecting ideas to make our dream van a reality.

We decided to use a Mercedes Master Upfitter to build out our van.  This was a decision we weighed heavily versus building it out ourselves.

Why we chose a Master Upfitter

We opted to go with a van builder that was a Master Upfitter because this certification gives the following benefits that are backed by Mercedes:

  • Build Warranty-Master Upfitters agree to match the warranty that Mercedes offers which covers components and installations.  At the time we did our build, it included a 3-year / 36,000-mile warranty.  In addition, if we modified the van ourselves, we risked voiding our factory warranty on the van.
  • Technical Expertise-Certified Master Upfitters must meet stringent standards set by Mercedes.  They know what they are doing!  An upfitter is likely going to cut holes in your van, modify the electrical, and/or other items in the engine compartment, so you want to make sure the changes are made safely, correctly, and they won’t void your warranty.  One the most common compliments we receive is the attention to detail on the finishes in the van.  Everything has a polished finish yet is build to withstand off-roading with the 4×4.
  • Speed of Build-We were not able to dedicate ourselves full-time to our van build, therefore it would have taken a great deal of time to research and execute. We were eager to hit the road quickly, but we did not want to sacrifice safety or quality.  Picking a builder with a long resume of adventure van builds helped us to expedite but not sacrifice on quality.

We worked with ADF sprinters because of their long-standing record of exceptional custom work and their certification as a Master Upfitter.

Van Specs

  • Name: Bruce
  • Make & Model:  2017 Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 Crew Van
  • Size: 144″ Wheelbase
  • Paint: Blue Grey

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