Our interior design priorities included passenger safety, camping comfort, modularity, and beauty.  To start, our Mercedes Sprinter Crew Van included a factory-installed 3-person removable bench seat.  This factory bench was the least expensive and safest option to include car seat-ready seating.  We are glad to have extra seating for both family and friends wishing to adventure along with us!

Camp comfort is maximized by our bed/dinette area, showcased in detail here.

Our ceiling and side-wall L-track systems allow for various items to be suspended from the ceilings.  The ceiling tracks are reinforced to withstand up to 400 pounds of weight.  So far we’ve used this system to hang cargo nets,  stand-up paddle boards, hammocks, kitchen equipment, and luggage.  The possibilities are endless!

Also on the back end is our shower.  Coupled with a shower curtain and water-resistant Crypton fabric on Bruce’s rear doors, the outdoor shower is a great way to add a little comfort without dedicating internal floor space to a permanently installed shower.

Rear indoor/outdoor shower

Many features are also designed to save on weight, cost, and fuel:

  • Formica framing of our Bed/Dinette and refrigerator unit
  • Wood-inspired laminate flooring
  • Crypton fabric-lined interior is both durable, water-resistant,  and light-weight.  Although we love the sight of natural or painted wood interior, the fabric panels are off-road-ready and lightweight.
10″ x 33″ slider windows

Additional Features:

  • Three Layer Extreme Weather Insulation System
  • African Mudcloth insulating blackout curtains from Moohah Creatives
  • Cockpit overhead storage
Over cockpit storage shelf tour
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