Camping essentials for babies

Heading out on a camping trip with little kids can be exciting but also a bit daunting. We have found a few helpful pieces of gear make time around camp a little bit easier.

Camp high chair

We love this high chair because it folds down into a carry bag, is high enough for the child to sit level with a standard table, all of the parts are machine or dishwasher safe, and it even has a nice wet sack. Unlike a sassy seat that relies on a picnic table, this chair is self-sufficient. This high chair can be used anywhere, even dispersed camping. We’ve also used it in restaurants too!

Play yard

Having a safe place to let kids play in camp is important for exercise and peace of mind. We love this play yard because it takes about 3 seconds to assemble and can even be done one-handed (because that is probably how you’ll be doing it)! It also comes with a removable sun canopy that’s great for hot days at the beach.

Soft carrier

Using a soft baby carrier in camp is a great way to keep the baby cozy, safe, and allows for free hands to set up camp or take a hike. Soft carriers are easy to pack and don’t take much space.

Noise machine

Our kids use noise machines at home so we try to keep that same environment camping to improve their quality of sleep on the road. We use a phone with white noise downloaded from amazon music as a travel sound machine, so even if we don’t have signal we can play the white noise. A pocket-sized phone charger is helpful for multiple night backpacking trips to recharge the phone. There are also options for travel-size white noise machines.


A hammock is a fun place to hang out after a long hike or breakfast. When our kiddos have had a tough time falling asleep for a nap backpacking, we’ve found a hammock does the trick!

Inflatable bath tub

Kids can get pretty dirty camping! An inflatable bath tub (especially a fun duck one) makes bath time in camp fun, and it also double as a little pool to cool off on hot days! The one we use has a great safety disk in the bottom to indicate if the water is too hot. We’ve even used this tub in hotel showers since it’s so easy to travel with!

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