Bike gear list

Here’s all of the gear we use to bike as a family.  Our philosophy bike riding with small kids is to keep it fun.  Their ability to ride can fluctuate daily, so we always aim to provide an option for a break.  Set up for a bike ride is pretty quick.  Our bike trailer pops up in seconds, and the mountain bike seats stay installed on our bikes at all times so we are always ready to use them.

Quick list of gear we use

Additional gear details

Guardian Bikes

We chose Guardian Bikes for a few reasons. Their bikes have a wide wheelbase for better balance and control. Their low center of gravity makes it so much easier for kids to learn to ride and pedal. We also like their SureStop Brake System. This brake only needs half the hand strength of a normal brake, so our kids’ little hands are easily able to apply the brake to safely slow down. The frame is lightweight and it’s easier for kids to maneuver. Finally, they are now assembling the bikes in the USA which is awesome!

Bike Trailer

The Thule Chariot Cross 2 is one of our favorite, most versatile pieces of gear. It is our stroller, jogging stroller, bike trailer, and ski pulk. We LOVE it. It offers a comfy ride for the kids in all weather, folds down easily to store in our garage or the back of a car, and has plenty of storage to bring along anything we need. The components that make up the trailer are very well-made and sturdy. We love that it can comfortably hold two kids, but is still narrow enough to take to stores or parks easily. It has so many comfort features for our kids including cup/snack holders, sun shade, seats that recline, suspension, and plenty of leg room. We’ve used it in weather from sunny days to blizzards, and the kids are always comfy. If we had to do it again, we’d only get this trailer instead of all of the strollers and bike carts we’ve cycled through over the years.

Mountain Bike Seats
Marti riding on the Mac Ride

We have both the Mac Ride and Kids Ride Shotgun seats. Our preference is the Mac Ride because the seat is a lot more adjustable, sits lower so it can accommodate taller children leading to less issues for obstructing your view, and the seat has a more sticky material so the kids seem more firmly set. We also noticed we can make the foot straps a little tighter on smaller feet, which helps keep the kiddos firmly grounded on the bike seat.

Nutcase Helmets

Nutcase helmets are dual certified for skateboarding/scootering and biking. They are comfortable, have various pads that can be added/removed to get a good fit, and come in cute styles that make it fun to wear a helmet. 

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