Traveling With Kids

“Get ready! Your traveling and adventure days are over!” “You are chained. You will have to settle down.”

We heard it ALL before we had our daughter. We just want to put it out there that it’s NOT true. If you are planning to have a baby or just became parents and you are unsure about traveling, just know we think getting out there and traveling is even better with a baby!

Let us just first say, yes, the drive might take a little longer with stops to nurse and change diapers, but it’s absolutely manageable and you can do it! We’ve learned that we just need to plan for travel in a different way. We pack a few more things (diapers, wipes, thermometers, etc) and take it a little slower. But hey, we could all use an excuse to slow down and just be in the moment. IMG_4114.jpg

Since having Mar we feel even more that travel is an amazing way to bring our family closer. We believe that spending time exploring as family is the best way to give her, and each other, the undivided attention that our day-to-day grind might otherwise rob us of between work, chores, and technology. What better way to connect than relaxing by a quiet river without cell phone service?

So if you are questioning whether or not to pack the bags for a road trip or book your first family flight, we say GO FOR IT!! There’s nothing better than being able to make new memories and recount the stories of your travels as a family starting with “so we went….”


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