Kids Gift Guide

Camping/hiking gear

Hiking pack

This hiking pack boasts all of the bells and whistles of an adult pack, but in the mini size for kids. It comes in a 12 L pack size (for ages 5-8 yrs, although our 2 year old was still able to get a comfy fit) and an 18 L pack (ages 8-12 yrs). Our kids find it’s comfortable to wear with the padded shoulder straps and back panel, and the sternum and hip belt. It has a sleeve that fits this 1.5 L water reservoir that makes drinking easy on the trail.

Kids sleeping bags

For kids 6-4 years we highly recommend these sleep sack style sleeping bags (code sowewent10 saves 10%). They come in 2 temperature options. Around 3-4 years, we transitioned to mummy-style bags and a sleeping pad. The nice part about this sleeping bag is it secures to the pad so the child will not roll off during the night. The bag can be used with an adult-size pad.


This headlamp is designed with kids in mind. It changes colors, works upside down or right side up, and is just the right brightness to see but not so bright to hurt their eyes if they look into it.

Solar lantern

This rainbow, sun-powered light changes 8 different colors and is great for camping and at home.

Camping themed books

A camping spree with Mr. Magee–Mr. Magee and his dog, Dee, are enjoying a peaceful camping trip when along comes a lumbering, marshmallow-loving bear and the excitement begins. It has excellent illustrations and the rhyming is a fun read.

Curious George Goes Camping, Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots, Backpack Explorer


Magnetic tiles are hands-down the favorite toy in our home and have been for years.

Matching game is fun at home and we often bring with us traveling since it’s compact.

Kids on stage is a fun game that our entire family plays together. It’s charades and it’s easy for kids that can’t read to play since the cards also have pictures. Easy to pack for travel.

Toy garbage truck is well-built (made in Germany), fully functional loading arm; tilting loading body; waste transported by two screw-type compactors; tailgate opens. Our son plays with this every day.

Metal dump truck is made with real steel and rolls like a dream.

Sports Gear

Balance bike

Giving the gift of two-wheeled freedom. We used this 12″ balance bike as our kids were first getting used to a balance bike and were also too short to fit a balance-to-pedal bike. When they were both tall enough, this his the 14″ balance bike they both used to learn to pedal.


kids snowboarding gear

This is the mother of beginner snowboards for kids. It comes complete with bindings and has a saucer-like shape that’s pretty much catch-free. We used these boots, which comes in sizes all the way down to 7c for even the tiniest of riders. We also love this harness for helping the kids learn to snowboard or ski. Its comes in handy for assisting kids off the lift as well. For dry, warm riding all day long this snowsuit is great!

Climbing gear

kids climbing gear

Hitting up the local climbing gym is a great way to get the wiggles out and learn body awareness in a safe environment. We love these climbing shoes, harness (we use a full-body but that model has been discontinued), and super fun/funky chalk bags.

Mountain bike seat

This mountain bike seat allows little kids to ride up front on mountain bikes.

Yoto music player and story reader

The Yoto mini is perfect for travel and home. It’s very easy for little kids to control themselves and is screen-free entertainment. We love the music cards just as much as the story cards. This is our kid’s favorite music card.

Clothing & Shoes

Base layers

Merino wool base layers are great year round. We love their anti-stink properties, natural UPF, how they quickly quick away moisture, and keep kids warm even when they are wet. We use both Iksplor (code Sowewent saves 10% even on sale) and Woolly Tots (Sowewent10 to save 10%).

Sun hoodie

This merino wool sun hoodie (CYBER2023 saves 25%) offers full sun coverage, anti-stink, and dries incredibly fast.

Hiking and biking shoes

These hiking shoes are great for the trail, but they also work well for learning to ride a bike or scooter since they have reinforced toes.

Rain & Winter boots

Anytime gear can be multi-functional we are all in. These boots work as rain and winter boots without making feet sweaty or cold. They are comfort rated to -35 degrees.

Down jacket

This down jacket is reversible, compresses into it’s own pocket which is great for travel/backpacking, and is a fraction of the price of big name coats but is still high quality.

Hiking socks

These socks are great for winter or wet conditions because they are merino. Same great properties of merino listed above but also help prevent blisters.


  • Museum pass or zoo pass
  • Climbing gym pass
  • Lift ticket
  • Performance ticket (play/show)

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