Camp chef gift ideas

Preparing delicious meals in camp is one of our favorite parts of spending time in the outdoors. If you have someone (or yourself) that loves to cook at the campsite, here’s a few gadgets that take camp meals to the next level.

Stovetop oven

This stove top oven solves one the biggest challenges to making epic meals in camp…an lack of an oven! This little oven works on top of a gas stove. You can bake just about anything you would bake in a regular oven in here. Our camp nachos and cinnamon rolls are epic thanks to this! We use this silicone liner to make clean up quick in camp.

Rechargeable lighter

Whether it’s lighting a stove, the fire, or other items around camp, this USB lighter is so easy to use. It recharges quickly and lasts 45 uses. It also has a flash light on it.

Food dehydrator

Food dehydrator— If you like to camp or backpack, preparing homemade dehydrated meals can take meals in camp and the backcountry to the next level. We like this model since it folds down to 1/3 it’s size for storage, has metal racks, automated dual time / temperature controls, quiet and high-efficiency circulating airflow. We’ve dehydrated so many awesome meals in this!

Roasting sticks

These roasting sticks are great for making s’mores or roasting hot dogs. They are made in the USA!

Camp stoves

Jet Boil Propane Stove with the best simmer control on the market. We invested in this stove when various other stoves didn’t offer good control for items like pancakes or our stove top oven. If you cook a lot in camp, this is a great, compact stove but it is expensive.

Butane camp stove— better priced option for simmer control, but burns on butane instead propane.

Double burner–this is a well-accepted and loved double burner stove

Propane growler

This refillable propane growler is a great replacement of single-use green propane canisters which can’t be recycled. It has an adapter so anything that uses a green canister can be hooked up to it. It also saves money since propane refills are significantly less expensive than the single use canisters. We refill ours at gas stations. Here’s to reducing waste and saving money!

Cooking iron

This cooking iron makes roasting cinnamon rolls, pizza, and hot sandwich’s over the firereally fun!

Camp kitchen

Titanium utensils–durable and lightweight. We use these car camping and backpacking.

Stainless can insulator–we use these every day at home and when we camp. It keeps your canned beverage cold for so long and it’s less than $15.

Insulated tumbler–keeps coffee piping hot when it’s cold in camp. Fits nicely in a car cup holder.

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